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Behold My Kool Style Lyrics

Dam Native

Behold My Kool Style (1997)


Behold my kool style
While I greet the funk with my Māori
Wanna rough it up
On the base guitar
My skills allow me
Break the tension
Or the tackle
Like Jonah Lomu on attack
I’ve paid my dues from here to Timbuckto and back
If I had my crew up in the house
It makes the difference
It is my preference
Refer to reference
Crack the ill styles
With my patu
To open up you
In the meanwhile
I still pursue
To inject you with my horiest intelligence
So intelligent
Make way for the native to fall back on your heels
I stop the sun up
Just like my legendary prophet god
like son of Papatūānuku
Māui to make the days longer
Erupt at once like Ruaumoko
King of volcanoes
Commotion like it was The Springbok Tour
The only one representing my hori ways
Tautoko te mahi o tēnei ra just about every day
It’s the freakafied funk hori on the loose
Haere Mai set it off Māori produce


Behold my kool style
While I greet the funk with my Māori
The incredible, lyrical and original
x 2

Sworn to wage war
I pledge allegiance to all iwi
Who cut ties with Liz and her people
Trying to deceive me
By the way I
Manage to be the proud Hori I am
I take it on Maui who know me
As the horrified addict
Of tongues of local strength
I keep my fitness
Want to rough it up
On my base guitar
My skills allow me
It’s the next step
I haven’t hit yet
Next time round I ram dance all
I get much respect
The world is yours
But the production is mine this time
Throw your spanner in my works
You’ll be ready for the line this time around


My reign of terror
As soon as my lyric hits
Undeniably proven I inhabit all mics with all vigour
The boy never quits practicing in eloquence
The return of the dread eye, since ’86
Fuck, you’re making me livid
Wrapped up in non-fat
Fuck the silver medalist
Man, I’m the gold winner
Proven fact that Dam is good
Native that’s the name we’re talking
None let off the hook
Brothers, listen up to my commentary
My use of words, killer
Send your skills to the word cemetery
Will the multitudes handle hori attitudes
The greatest sizes are the skilless and the rude


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