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New Album Release Date Set

The much-anticipated second Dam Native Album is ready to launch and should not be missed. Hip-Hop pioneers responsible for an “Urban Musical Cultural Revolution”

DAM NATIVE Daniel Haimona better known as Hypethenative was born in Wellington and is of Te Arawa, Tainui and Ngati Kahunungu descent.

Hypethenative is the Poetic Mike Master of his Pioneering Album KDRU Kaupapa Driven Rhymes Uplifted … in his words “ahead of his time why a lot of you missed it.” Produced by Zane Lowe and released by Tangata Records in 1996. In the same year the album won him two music awards most promising group and most promising male vocalist. And a hit single Behold my cool style, which went on to win best music video in the flying fish awards.

And now accompanied 15 years later by the singing, guitar lead and gifted vocalist Bryson Campbell, Dam Natives new album Aotearoa Nobody does it Better is still ahead of its time but this time don’t miss it. Grant Smithies writes in his book Soundtrack 118 great New Zealand Albums … “he [Dam Native] has never received the wider success that he deserves. Lets hope that he doesn’t stop until he has.”

No he has not stopped it just takes time to follow up such a great first album with an even better one. Record companies saw hip-hop as a passing phase in the 90’s and Dam Native went underground after the first album in disgust. He was signed by Heartmusic in 2003 and slowly created his second album as a response to what he considered “kid hop”. He wanted to make adult music for adults. While some like to put albums out every other day he takes a less is more approach.

Heralded by every MC in New Zealand as the Maker and Leader of NZ Rap history (go on ask them yourselves) Dam Native have put the heart back into Hip Hop music once more to deliver an exceptional Second Album of highly crafted verses. With guest MC Tyna on Sirens in the City and Strong beats by Robert Lundon and Bryson Campbell who keeps the hard beats infectious.

And killer songs like Lick My Patu

We’re just greater/it doesn’t mean that I hate ya/ so don’t even try to defy the laws of nature/ passion/ perseverance/ hardwork is what it took/ and the golden rule/ don’t hang with motherf**kers who get shook.

And Cracked It

I’ve already cracked it/see what I’ve got/ what is perceived of me/it might not seem I have a lot/ but my self-esteem/ it seems/ is no dream/ its boiling hot/ enemies/ don’t exist for me/ we all love that native hip-hop.

To tunes like Whakarongo mai nei and Only You. Even if you don’t like Hip- hop you can’t not love this musical story.

If you want to know about true Maori style then take a leaf from the pages of Dam Natives Lyric sheets and plug it into your ears before pasting it on your bedroom wall.

No flash producers, no overseas recording deals and no big budget and still this one of a kind Hip-hop album will last long after all others are dead.

The Band

The Dam Native band is made up of 6 members and is a patriotic, musical and lyrical testament to Aotearoa. Tom Atkinson on Drums, Joseph Hoani Dylan Keating on bass, Timothy Williams on Keyboards, Bryson Campbell aka BlakMan on lead guitar, MC vocals, Pirimia Falwasser aka Nativesixonetwo MC vocals and Daniel Haimona aka HypetheNative MC Supreme. The band has transformed the hard edge beats into musical magic and is arguably the best Hip-hop band in the world.

Quotes from Askew

“It may be hard to fathom anything more local…but this single image of Danny Haimona aka Hyper D from Dam Native just screamed at me at such an immense volume.”

“Easily regarded as on the most iconic and influential local artists for youth of that era.”

“Ranging from his swagger and sense of style, the manner in which he made music with the perfect balance of Maori attitude yet not in a way that put it in the realm of being easily pigeon-holed as just ‘cultural music’.”

“He made straight up and down Hip Hop music with raw attitude and he influenced a whole generation that didn’t necessarily feel that their voice had validity within the genre.”

“To me, Danny represented empowerment that stood the test of time. He could flip effortlessly between Te Reo and English; spoke in local terms and in real Maori slang with a natural accent. “

“For a good decade you could travel to the most rural places and hear people rapping in a style derivative of his.”

The Song List

  1. The Majestic
  2. Cracked it
  3. The Son Part II
  4. Lick My Patu
  5. Rebel
  6. Terminal illness
  7. Whakarongo mai nei
  8. Living Street
  9. Sirens in the City
  10. Only You.

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