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Only You – Music Video

a MUSIC VIDEO for your viewing pleasure:




February 2011

New Zealand hip hop pioneer Dam Native is launching a dramatic music video for the hard-hitting single, Only You, from the groundbreaking second album – Aotearoa … Nobody Does It Better.

The highly crafted killer tune is a collaborative effort between the band’s lead musician Daniel Haimona (Hype the Native), musical director Bryson Campbell (Blakman) and programmer Robert Lundon.

A House of Taonga production with support from New Zealand On Air, the music video was shot by Rakai Karaitiana from House of Aroha with editing by Rongotai Lomas and Rawiri Motutere.

Dam Native are renowned for their poetic skills, songwriting genius, phat beats and underground integrity – and the lyrics for Only You continue to set the benchmark for political street music in New Zealand:

“An addict / like I’m drawn to magnets / don’t panic / i got you running from my magic / horee savage / the systems trying to kill me / but I’ll fight before it happens / respect first / then money / basic shit / if you need to ill on me / you better make it quick / these jails / the highest number / are Maori males / when the truth is revealed / it will read the systems failed.”

To view online, go to:

For more information including interviews, images and copies of the music video, contact:

Tracey Tawhiao. [email protected].

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